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M2E-S series

M2E-S 05~10  Tube in tube heat exchanger. High inlet temperature type.Condenser and pre-cooler with one fan motor, save space, lower energy consumption.

M2E series

M2E 10~100  The "FAN-UP" plus "TWO-IN-ONE" air-cooled precooler & condenser make better result in ventilation. Compact, state-of-the-art. (Screen mesh for precooler & condenser optional.)

M2E series

M2E 125~250  ※ Complete automatic, no adjustment is required.※ Axial fan motor low noise, high speed, large flow and static pressure. CE certified, IP54.

M2E series

M2E 300~1500  Open & compact design - easy for maintenance, saves space.Low inlet/outlet connection port - easy operation & installation.

Heatless desiccant compressed air dryer

MHD 10~1000  Have a lower initial cost than heated type dryers. Simple and reliable due to no heaters or blower to maintain. No thermal or dew point spikes after tower switch over and ensure 4.8 seconds contact time plus 30% extra desiccant provided consistent outlet pressure dew point and temperature is easy available. To world standard of ISO 8573.1.


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