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Energy Saving Products

Leak Detectors

PVL Soundsonic Ultrasound Leak Detector

The Soundsonic Leak detection kit is ideal for finding compressed air and refrigerant leaks, the kit comes complete with a FREE ultrasonic sound Transmitter for checking enclosure seals etc Please call the Sales office for the full technical specification of this product and how it can save you and your customers money.

Blowguns & Pressure reducers

Energy Saving Blowgun

Allows for 40% savings in air consumption
Pressure reduced to 0.5 bar when nozzle is obstructed
Working pressure 1 to 10 bar

Blow Gun Pressure Reducers

Max Inlet Pressure 15bar

Lechler Nozzles

Multi Channel Round Jet Nozzle

Available in ABS or Zinc
Reduction of noise level of up to 12 dB (A)
See Data sheet for full specification

Mini Round Jet Nozzle

Brass with POM tip
See Data sheet for full specification

Multi Channel Flat Fan Nozzle

Broad & Narrow versions available
See Data sheet for full specification

Nozzle Ball Joints

Maximum pressure 25 bar
All round swivel action of 30°
No seals, no wear
See Data sheet for full specification

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