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Plastic silencer

MSR  Modle: MSR*-*:MSR01-S,MSR01-B,MSR02-S,MSR02-B,MSR03-B , Port size: 6A,8A,10A

Brass silencer

MSL  MSL-B Model:MSL-B-M5,MSL-B-01,MSL-B-02,MSL-B-03,MSL-B-04,MSL-B-06,MSL-B-08MSL-S Model:MSL-S-M5,MSL-S-01,MSL-S-02,MSL-S-03,MSL-S-04,MSL-S-06,MSL-S-08

Plastic silencer

MSLE  The Dragon Shing silencer is a porous polyethylene body moulded to a polyethylene (PE) adapter.

Exhaust cleaner


Silencer throttle valve

MSLC  Port size: PT (NPT, BSP) 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 ,1, Body material: Brass (#C3604), Stainless steel (#304)

Silencer throttle valve

MSLC2  Modle: MSLC2-01,MSLC2-02,MSLC2-03,MSLC2-04,Port size: PT1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2

Check vavle

MJBV  Modle:MJBV-01,MJBV-02,MJBV-03,MJBV-04,Port size:PT1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2, Operating pressure range:1~7 kgf/cm2

Flow control valve

MSC   Model: MSC100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600, Medium:Air, Operating pressure range:0~1 MPa, Proof pressure: 1.5 MPa

Quick exhaust valve

MVQE  This unit makes it possible to achieve increased piston speeds on the exhaust stroke with single acting and double acting cylinders.

Shuttle valve

MVAS  This valve has two input inlets(E1,E2) and can be controlled in dirfferent position.First activated position can get through to output signal(A).

Stainless fitting

MNS  Model: MNSC(Straight), MNSL(Elbow), MNSU(Union straight), MNSV(Union elbow), MNSE(Union tee),All materials are made of SUS304 / SUS316.





Pneumatic presses

MF  Popular: It is the most popular model for export among the air presses.Practical: Adopts of practical construction design,solid & durable,with the lowest rate of malfunction.Style: Popular style & size to meet the demand of all industries.

Jet cooler

MJC  Jet out cooler air maximum 60℃ lower than the inlet air only by supplying compressed air.Used for cooling in many fields.

Vacuum generator

MVVA  Nozzle dia.:1.0, 1.5 mm ; Operating pressure range:1~6 kgf/cm2 ; Final vacuum: -91.8 kPa (-690mmHg)

No contact transfert

MHPSC  The principle of these prehenseurs is based on the exploitation of the Bernouilli effect. A positive pressure is applied through formadequate (Insert + curve). The exhaust of this air goes trough of low pressure and gets a vacuum aspiring any kind of object

Floating connector

MFC  The minor error connects between two shafts can be removed.The machining accuracy can be neglected.

Floating connector

MFCS  The abnormal noise can be prohibited.Small in dimension but can be loaded high tension & compression.

Female rod ends

PHS  Insert typeWith grease nipple

Sensor switch


Sensor switch

RCB  Assembling style:MCGA, MCGJ, MCRA, MCJQ, MCJS, MCJT, MCKB, MCDA, MCDB, MSB*RCB-Voltage range:5~240V DC/ACRNB-Voltage range:5~30V DC

Sensor switch

RCD  Assembling style:MCRB

Sensor switch

RCE  Assembling style:MCFA, MCGB, MCGD, MCG3, MCRA, MCJQ, MCJT, MCKB, MCDA, MCHA ,MCSSRCE-Voltage range: 5~220V DC/AC , RNE,RPE-Voltage range: 5~30V DC

Sensor switch

RCE1  Assembling style:MCFA, MCGB, MCGD, MCG3, MCRA, MCJQ, MCJT, MCKB, MCDA, MCHA ,MCSS, RCE1-Voltage range: 5~120V DC/AC

Sensor switch

RCI  Assembling style: MCQI, MGTX, MGTU Model,RCI-Voltage range:5~240V DC/ACRCI-N/RCI-P/RNI/RPI-Voltage range:10~30V DC

Sensor switch

RCM  Assembling style:MCMA、MCMB、MCMI、MCMJRCM-Voltage range:5~240V DC/ACRNM-Voltage range:5~28V DC

Sensor switch

RCS  Assembling style:MCJK,MCMJ,MCMOB,MCMOCRCS-Voltage range:5~240V DC/ACRNS-Voltage range:5~30V DC

Sensor switch

RDF   RDF / RDFV / RNF / RNFV / RPF / RPFVAssembling style: MCFB, MCMJP

Sensor switch

RH  Assembling style:MCHG, MCHQ

Sensor switch

RK  Assembling style:MCHX, MCHW

Sensor switch

RT  Assembling style:MCHG2, MCHU, MCHY

Sensor switch

LN01A  Model:LN01A/ LN02A /LN03AAssembling style: MRT*Voltage range: 5~240V DC/AC.

Sensor switch

LN01G   Model: LN01G / LN01HAssembling style: MDO*Voltage range: 5~240V DC/AC.

Sensor switch

LN01P  Model: LN01P / LN02P / LN03PAssembling style: MDM*Voltage range: 10~220V DC/AC.

Sensor switch

LN32H  Assembling style: MHCB-MVoltage range: 5~240V DC/AC.

Sensor switch

LN40R  Assembling style: MTA*Voltage range: 5~120V DC/AC.

Shock absorbers

MDSC / MDFC    MDSC: Non-AdjustableMDFC: Adjustable

MHR  Hydraulic Speed Controllers are ideal for all kind of cutting tools on machines which need continuous, stable feeding speed.Completely sealed construction with anti-dust function to prevent oil leakage, perfect for using in special environment.

Hydraulic speed controllers

Pilot check valves

MPC  Maintaining pressure. Preventing leakage.Accuracy position holding. Special load design applications.

Booster regulator

MVBA-2100  Increase factory air pressure by up to twice as much. Air-only operation requires no power supply, reduces heat generation, and allows easy installation.


MHB  Model: MHBS / MHBDThe booster is an efficient way of generating hight pressure hydraulic fluid.Designed to save energy, time, space and money in a wide variety of applications.

Power cylinders

MHPD  Pressure boost model: 1T, 3T, 5T, 8T, 10T, The power cylinder combine booster and hydraulic cylinder. It only uses pneumatic control valve.


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