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Pneumatic Fittings

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Stem Elbow

Male Stud BSPP

Tube Reducer

Reducing Connector

Banjo BSPT

Ball Valve M/M BSPT

Male Stud Elbow

Male Run Tee

NPT Female Bulkhead

NPT Male Stud Elbow

Equal Tee

NPT Male Branch Tee

Male Stud Round Body

Stem Adaptor BSPP

Banjo BSPP

Stem Equal Connector

Speed Flow Controller Elbow

NPT Male Single Banjo

NPT Female Stud

Male Stud - BSPP Thread

Male Centre Leg Tee

Female Stud BSPP

Bulkhead Connector

Ball Valve Tube x BSPT

NPT Male Y

Stem Unequal Connector

Tube Reducer Connector

Multiple Tee

Male Stud BSPT & Metric

45° Male Stud Elbow             BSPT

Equal Cross

Equal Tee NP

Straight Connector


Female Bulkhead BSPP

Ball Valve NPT x Tube

Female Stud BSSP

NPT Male Run Tee

Straight Connector

90° Male Stud Elbow BSPT 

Equal Elbow

Male Stud Elbow BSPP

Male Centre Leg BSPP

Stud Elbow BSTP

Threaded Multiple Tee


Blanking Plug

Flow Controller Tube

Reducing Manifold

Ball Valve Tube

NPT Male Stud

Bulkhead Connector

Stem Connector 

Equal Elbow NP.

Equal Tee

Stem Y

Equal Y

Blanking Cap

Threaded Flow Controller

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